Apparently not everyone on Weiner's staff is "living the dream." The New York Times reported yesterday that Weiner's campaign manager, 31-year-old Danny Kedem, has called it quits, apparently fed up with trying to negotiate the increasingly turbulent waters of Weiner's rapidly unraveling bid for the mayorship.

Kedem is credited with elevating Weiner from the butt of pun-laden jokes to the butt of pun-laden jokes...and a serious contender for mayor. But all of that deflated last week at the hand of one Sydney Leathers, whose online fling with the former Congressman revealed that Weiner didn't stop his social media sexploits until at least a full year after he said he had.

Before the latest scandal broke, Kedem apparently had no qualms working with Weiner. According to the Times, he'd emailed associates in search of volunteers and financial contributions, writing that he was "really proud to work for Anthony."

Weiner, per usual, doesn't seem fazed. "We have an excellent staff. More people have come on, frankly," he told reporters during a hastily scheduled press conference Sunday morning. "We've gotten more volunteers and more people coming over to help the campaign since the least several days since anytime since the campaign started."