Despite its often corrosive effects, Anthony Weiner is attracted to the spotlight like a moth to a flame, or a cell phone to a crotch. Less than a week has passed since his primary night meltdown (and it is fair to call slinking through a McDonald's a "meltdown"), but he's already back in front of the cameras, appearing yesterday on NY1 to participate in Errol Louis' "Inside City Hall."

Weiner touched briefly on his loss, applauding de Blasio on his finesse when it came to addressing concerns of the electorate. "There is this level of discontent and concern out there that Bill de Blasio tapped into, did it skillfully, he won, I lost," he said, attributing de Blasio's success also to his ability to paint a very specific picture of what he will strive to achieve as mayor.

"They [voters] really do take this notion seriously, of trying to envision what kind of city they'll have with the next guy, and de Blasio was able to do that, and I think that's why he's going to be a good mayor," he conceded.

Weiner seemed happy and at ease, like a city-raised puppy unleashed in a huge meadow for the first time, or a man with a high-speed Internet connection in a locked room full of Vaseline. He spoke about the issues at hand with authority but without any of the sputtering vitriol that came to dominate the latter part of his campaign. His jokes were entirely self-aimed, quipping at one point that he's "not good at gaming out my own campaign, let alone other people's."

Despite his natural air on camera, he told the Daily News he likely won't make a habit of punditry. "Although this campaign gave me some gray hair, I am way too young to be at the elder statesmen table,” he said. "I doubt they invite me back." Carlos Danger, on the other hand, is here to stay.