After bottoming out at 22 degrees this morning, the coldest of the season's first blast of cold air has moved eastward. Later today we should warm up above the freezing mark for the first time since Wednesday afternoon. As the cold air mass moves east it will drag a warm front across the region. Today's high should reach the mid 30s under mostly cloudy skies and the slightest chance of a snow flurry.

Tomorrow should win the prize for best weather of the next week. Look for mostly sunny skies and a high near 45. It will be at least that warm on Sunday but that warmth could be accompanied by a lot of rain. A coastal storm is likely to develop over the weekend, bringing rain, possibly heavy, on Sunday petering out as light snow on Monday.

Right now it looks like the cold front associated with the weekend storm will sweep through the city on Monday afternoon. The temperature drop behind the front will feel like being slapped in the face with a fish. A frozen fish. The mercury is going to plunge 10-15 degrees in a matter of hours as blustery northwesterly winds usher in an Arctic air mass. Tuesday morning's low may dip into the teens and we'll be in for several days of cold weather after that.