Mayor Bloomberg, Louis Gagliotto, and Commissioner Doherty; Photo:


Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Doherty presented a Perfect Attendance Award to 75-year-old Sanitation Worker (SW) Louis Gagliotto, of Brooklyn. SW Gagliotto started with the Department in 1957 and has served as one of ‘New York’s Strongest’ for the past 45 years without taking a sick day.

Wow. No sick days at all during 45 years...that's amazing (as we shamefully think about our cumulative sick days in the scant five years of work we've had). Gothamist thanks all the city employees, like Louis Gagliotto, who help make New York City the best place to live, in spite of a lot of things we grumble about (but grumbling is part of being a New Yorker anyway, so it works).