2006_11_marathon1.jpgNothing reminds us of how sedentary the blogging life is like watching a marathon. This is especially true when we see folks without legs running on prosthetic limbs or flying by in wheelchairs without even breaking a sweat. But Gothamist Health did get to be part of the action again this year, somewhat, working at the medical tent at the 15 mile mark. Most runners who stopped by just needed a little Vaseline and a band-aid for annoying blisters, a bit of salt if they felt deprived, or some Icy Hot for achy joints. A few were even so in the zone that they were grabbing and eating handfuls of Vaseline, before realizing what it was.

Although a bit chilly for us, the weather was apparently perfect for the runners, with little wind to add drag and slow them down. The NY Times reported earlier this week that everyone seems to run faster in colder temperatures, with warmer weather having a greater effect on the slowest. They also shared that there is no correlation between dehydration and muscle cramps. Runners who stopped by the tent with charlie horses, were given a quick massage and stretch and sent on their way.

2006_11_health_marathon2.jpg Finally, as we were wrapping up, a German runner passed out at our station, joining the other 5% of runners who were expected to collapse during the race. Again, this is no longer felt to be due to dehydration but rather thanks to blood pooling in the legs and the slower heart rate that comes with vigorous exercise - both of which take blood away from the brain. She felt better and called it quits at mile 15 but we still couldn't help but be impressed with everyone who trained so hard and pushed themselves as far as they could today. We're sure everyone's looking forward to some good rest tonight - Sadly, we're also exhausted (and our hands still smell like Icy Hot).