It appears your missing cell phone might not have been a tequila-fueled taxi loss post-night out: last week, workers at Bowery Electric in the East Village caught culprits accused of snatching phones from clubbers' and barflies' bags around the neighborhood.

Employees told the Post that they saw thieves stealing a phone from a woman's purse last Friday night on security video, and that organized groups of pickpockets have been hitting up crowded nightspots in the area. The video showed the thieves engaging in a method of theft called "dipping," in which one man opened a victim's purse, while another reached in and grabbed the phone and handed it off to a third.

"It's not like they are drunk and see an opportunity," Amy Jamison, who works at the Bowery Electric, told the Post. "They are professional thieves." The pickpockets were, um, brave enough to hit up the Bowery again the next night, where bouncers recognized them and called the cops; one of the men, Alan Fenelon, 25, was arrested early that Sunday morning and charged with jostling and marijuana possession.

Phone and fancy gadget thefts have skyrocketed of late; thefts of Apple products alone have gone up 40 percent in the past year alone, so hang onto those iPhones, pubcrawlers!