A leading company that provides red light cameras to catch drivers breaking traffic laws has been putting some of its vast cache of footage on YouTube. The P.S.A.s are intended to show the possible consequences of flouting red lights, and the company, American Traffic Solutions, recently compiled a montage of car crashes and near-misses from New Jersey. Watch and marvel at how stupid you can be and still qualify for a driver's license:

An ATS spokeswoman tells NJ.com that 11 people were killed in red-light running related collisions in New Jersey in 2009 and that the cameras "change driver behavior and help save lives." Critics say that the cameras cause more rear-end collisions from drivers who stop suddenly at intersections, supposedly because they're afraid of the cameras. Others point to incidents like this, in which drivers in a Florida funeral procession were issued tickets from ATS red light cameras—even though state law permits them to pass through red lights! Here's a local news story about that: