The language in the Times article headline, A Sequel, Not a Re-run, speaks volumes about how Americans come to expect their wars: With blanket media coverage, branded, music themes, and logos. A sampling of the ways different media outlets are referring to the conflict/war/showdown:

War on Terror - Fox News
Conflict with Iraq - MSNBC
Showdown: Iraq - CNN
Standoff with Iraq - New York Times
Showdown with Iraq - L.A. Times
Confronting Iraq - Washington Post
Showdown with Saddam - New York Post

Gothamist was thinking of some other ways:
Persian Gulf 2: When Democracies Attack
Stayed tuned for scenes from the next all new episode of "Conflict in the Middle East"
Law & Order: American Pre-Emptive Policy
The Real World: Baghdad
My Big Fat American Leader's Bullying
My Big Fat Iraqi Leader's Bullying