Perhaps in response to some recent fedora-depicting videos (along with...everything else), Carl Paladino has released his own "behind-the-scenes" campaign video today. "I'm just a regular guy from Buffalo, NY..." it begins, skipping over the whole multi-millionaire business tycoon part to better get in touch with Joe and Josephine Citizen out there. The video is certainly more sympathetic (and less cringe-worthy) than his last TV stump, but there is one strange thing about the press release with the video: "Newsday has not been favorable to Carl, but they have been completely fair. For this reason, we strongly recommend you subscribe to and support responsible journalism." Has Carl discovered synergy?

So we've learned from this video that Carl loves Newsday, his dog Duke, incredibly cluttered desks, being "not intimidatable," and the prospect of cutting every major facet of government. His dislikes include Andrew Cuomo, people who poke at him, "the vast majority of the mainstream media," and organized desks. We're a little surprised at the love for the Long Island-centric Newsday, who have been equally critical of Paladino as other news outlets, but Carl has always had a lot of love for the more suburban parts of the city. At least we got a new catchphrase/threat from the video: "Don't think that's a bluff. Google me. I don't bluff."