A man threatening subway riders with a razor blade was neutralized by one fearless straphanger who successfully talked the unhinged man off the train without resorting to violence. The incident was captured on video, and it's impressive to see our hero maintain his implacable cool despite an enraged man with a blade threatening to "slice" him up.

The person who uploaded the "Maniac threatening to cut people on train" video to YouTube writes that "after kindly refusing to talk to this man, he became belligerent toward me and my friend. Thanks to a kind stranger, he was led away but he began to threaten that guy with a razor (you can see it in his hand)." (We're guessing the "kind stranger" was listening to some seriously calming whale songs on his earbuds.)

We reached out to the uploader for more information, and we'll update when we know more about what sparked the conflict. But it's already clear that Calm Cap guy belongs in the Potato Chip Peacemaker Hall of Fame:

[h/t Reddit NYC]