In case you stepped away from Fox News for a few moments over the Thanksgiving holiday, you may have missed the network's outraged condemnation of President Obama for not mentioning God in his YouTube Thanksgiving address. Ever ready to feed conservative America's insatiable hunger for vapid manufactured controversy, Fox derided the president's secular liberal godlessness with their special blend of sanctimony and contempt. And last night, the circle was completed at last when The Daily Show weighed in on this "Much Ado About Stuffing":

After watching Fox talking heads scold the president for forgetting the true meaning of Thankstiving, Stewart declares, "If I recall my grade school pageants correctly, Thanksgiving was a bunch of pagans teaching religious zealots how to farm. But seriously, failing to mention God in your Thanksgiving address? Not a huge Thanksgiving faux pas. I could understand if instead of pardoning two male turkeys, he had married them—I could see Fox getting a little bent out of shape."

It gets better—Fox (yes, Fox) does a little fact-checking and discovers two things: President George W. Bush also failed to mention God during one of his Thanksgiving addresses, and Clinton also snubbed God in four out of eight. And not only that, Fox concedes that Obama did in fact name-check God in his written Thanksgiving address; it's just that God wound up on the cutting room floor when they made the YouTube video.

Still, that doesn't stop the network from bringing on a Catholic priest to tell their viewers how Obama's callousness makes God feel. After all, this was God's big chance to go viral on YouTube! In his Fox interview, Father Demagogue derisively quotes Obama's choice of the word "lucky" instead of using a more spiritually correct phrasing, such as the "blessings that God has given us." To which Stew Beef replies, "Ha, jokes on you! The president doesn't have to do what a priest tells him—he's a Muslim!"