In case exterior shots of the Southwest plane whose landing gear collapsed while taxiing at LaGuardia on Monday isn't chilling enough, one passenger had the wherewithal to capture the scene inside the plane on video, too.

The camera is pointed out the window, where we see that the plane is grinding slowly to a halt on some grass. Frantic passengers implore the flight crew to open the doors, but alas, a stern but, I imagine, soothing voice utters familiar words: "We are not there. You need to take your seats."

Of the 149 passengers on board, six were taken to the hospital. (Others were treated on the scene for back and neck issues, as well as anxiety attacks.) The plane slid nearly 2,200 feet on its nose before eventually lurching to a halt.

The cause of the nosedive is still under investigation, though prevailing theories include possible "sudden downward wind shear, mechanical problems or pilot error," DNAinfo reports.

Perhaps in the case of failed landing gear, ignorance really is bliss. "We didn’t know if the plane was on fire. The captain didn’t come on the PA or anything," one passenger said.