Finally! Thanks to MSNBC's Morning Joe, we get to hear what former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani thinks of the debate surrounding waterboarding of terror suspects during the Bush administration. Giuliani first said, "Sometimes I think people get so preoccupied and obsessed with the rights of terrorist that they forget" about the need for getting information from the suspects.

And then, when the possibility that waterboarding becomes a recruiting tool for future terorrists, Giuliani gave his insights, "One of the great fallacies is that Islamic terrorist are particularly impressed by the way we conduct our interviews. They couldn't give a darn. I've been investigating them since the late 1960's, early 1970s They are single-minded, they have their own objectives in mind. We can be as nice to them, we can be as bad to them—they don't recruit based on that. They recruit on the basis of their hatred of the West... Their hatred of women... Their hatred of the modern world. I've read thousands and thousands of pages of documents and I've never heard am Islamic terrorist say, 'Hey I became a terrorist because they waterboarded some other terrorist.'"

Giuliani also presented the scenario of an attack and having a suspect who knows about five other cities being bombed—"you're gonna tell me you're gonna take that technique away?"