Last night, Mayor Bill de Blasio faced the Colbert Nation. Host Stephen Colbert said, "You're the city's 109th mayor, before that, you were the city's Public Advocate and before that, you were a City Councilman. What is your vision of this great city? You want to bring us back to the 80s—the bad old days, the squeegee men, rampant crime and leg warmers!"

De Blasio said the "leg warmers weren't so bad," but said he had a "progressive, inclusive" vision—which Colbert translated as "socialist"—and pointed out that the vast income inequality in the country forces leaders to change their course. Colbert said, "Why do we have to change our course? Those of us that have the income do not wish you to change our course."

De Blasio also mentioned that the income inequality in NYC is the worst since 1929 and 46% of NYers are near the poverty line, so he supports paid sick leave, more affordable housing and higher wages. Colbert argued that the private sector can only create jobs by letting money trickle down, "I as a rich person and my rich friends, we don't have enough money yet to come over the rim of our bucket to start trickling... we're so close, I promise you, if you let us have more of that money."

The mayor did bring up his universal Pre-K program (Colbert called the kids "freeloading miscreants") and Colbert mentioned the looming Long Island Rail Road strike. From the pool report:

Colbert: “We could very well have eight unions shut down the LIRR…. what are you as mayor going to do to stop that from happening? Are you sending in the Pinkertons with the truncheons to give ‘em a taste of old Daddy Warbucks?”

De Blasio: “The Long Island Rail Road is under the jurisdiction of Governor Cuomo. He’s working very hard to come to a resolution. I am hopeful there will a resolution…”

Colbert [mocking tone]: “Not my problem! Not my problem!”

De Blasio: “No, no It’s something--.”

Colbert: “Bring me the bowl! Bring me the bowl that Pontius Pilate may wash his hands!” [LAUGHTER]

De Blasio: “I am very hopeful he will get to a resolution with the unions.”

Colbert: “OK, you’re not going to be here. You’re going to be in Italy.”

De Blasio: “Well, we’ll see. We will see.”

Colbert: “Are you going to cancel your trip?”

De Blasio: “Well, right now we are hopeful that everything’s going to go well and there will be a resolution.”

Colbert: “If you are over there and the strike actually comes and people can’t get [into?/out] of? inaudible] town, can we just go crash at Gracie Mansion?”

De Blasio: “You’re going to have to talk to my wife about that.”

De Blasio and his family are going to Italy for 10 days tomorrow.