Two days ago, there were updates about a police shooting in East Harlem, but the details were murky. But not anymore: It seems that Tyrell Harris, who had been shot over the weekend may have been trying to seek revenge on his shooter when he walked through a housing complex, brandishing two pistols - one in each hand (strangely Hard Boiled) - simply shooting at buildings. One witness told Newsday, "He starts shooting in the windows. He must have had a bunch of clips, because he shot a whole lot...He didn't say anything." Two housing cops tried to stop him and ended up exchanging fire. The two officers were shot (but are fine now) and one tried to chase Harris in a building. Harris managed to run up to his aunt's 14th floor apartment and decided to jump out the window. And he survived, with a fractured skull, but may be brain dead. Harris' aunt, Tonya Harris, believes he didn't mean to shoot the police and expressed her sorrow to the police officers, and also said, "My nephew was a good kid in spite of his record. Unfortunately, he felt he could handle matters in his own hands."