The new Apple Store on Broadway and West 67th opened this morning, with a crowd of Apple enthusiasts as well as the curious queueing up down the block. The line moved pretty quickly, with visitors being welcomed by cheering Apple employees who also handed out t-shirts.

One visitor was self-proclaimed "big Apple fanboy" Matt Duffy, who told the Daily News he traveled from Scotland and has been to Paris, Boston and London for other openings, "This is my seventh opening. It's good fun. You meet people in line and chat with them. It's a good atmosphere." While there were some folks waiting since last night, others were just people who decided to check out the scene at that moment.

There were some celebrities on hand too—we spotted Willem Dafoe (currently in Idiot Savant), Billy Crudup and 30 Rock stars Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski. All in all, most people—many families—were trying out Apple products, getting advice from employees and passing the time at a new neighborhood store on a drizzly Saturday.