[UPDATE BELOW]: A Staten Island mother-of-two went missing in Turkey last week, and yesterday police there said they detained, questioned and released a Turkish man with whom she'd been corresponding online.

33-year-old Sarai Sierra, an amateur photographer, was vacationing alone in Istanbul last month. She was supposed to head back to the States on January 21st and family members say she contacted them earlier that day, but she never checked in for her flight. Sierra had been emailing with Taylan, a 30-year-old Turkish man, during her stay, and police say believe they met up twice.

Officers detained Taylan, whose last name was not released by authorities, on Friday and released him shortly thereafter; police say he is not a suspect. And the Turkish media has put out a number of reports law enforcement officials say are untrue, including one that Sierra was suspected of being a drug courier.

Sierra, whose children are 9 and 11 years old, was last seen on January 21st via video footage at Galata bridge near her hostel; she was reportedly supposed to meet someone there to take photographs, but the video shows her standing alone. This was her first trip outside the United States, and her husband Steven and brother David Jimenez are currently in Turkey to help with the search.

[Update 2:28 p.m.]: Media reports and police confirm that Sarai Sierra has been found dead in Istanbul. Turkey's state-run news agency reported earlier that a woman's body had been found in a low-income area in the city, and law enforcement officials have identified it as Sierra's. A local news channel reports that she was stabbed to death in the abdomen—this has yet to be confirmed by the police.