[UPDATE BELOW] The wayward dolphin of Coney Island Creek has swum back to the safety of the ocean, police say.

The creature, which was first spotted around 11 a.m. yesterday, was in pretty dire straits last night, seeming to struggle with a floating debris boom that separates the creek from the sea. Additionally, authorities worried that its presence in such shallow water meant the dolphin was sick or in distress. (We know from past experience that dolphins who make their way into city waterways typically don't fare well.)

But this one seems to be an exception. The NYPD told News 12 that, after they dug a hole in the boom, they believe the dolphin was able to swim out during high tide. (This morning an NYPD spokesperson told us, "Last I heard it swam away.") It's unclear why the dolphin would have made its way into the creek in the first place, although the Internet, as always, has some suggestions.

Update, 2:13 p.m.:
Well, so much for that. The Post reports that the dolphin was found dead by authorities around 11 a.m. Guess that Richie Havens' tune was even more appropriate than we thought.