Two students at Murray Bergtraum High School For Business Careers sustained chemical burns this morning. Firefighters and a HazMat squad responded to the scene, and one student was transported to New York Hospital in stable condition, the FDNY says.

The incident took place around 10:00 a.m. at the Lower Manhattan high school. Although details on the incident remain unclear, NYC Fire Wire reports that both students had been on the third floor of the school mixing unknown chemicals. However, a Department of Education spokesman told us that the burns were not the result of a chemical spill. He added that the student who was transported to the hospital has been treated and released.

Under decidedly more volatile circumstances last year, Upper West Side Beacon School teacher Anna Poole conducted an alcohol and mineral-salt "rainbow experiment" in her 10th grade chemistry class, which produced a raging fireball that burned two students, partially melting a child's ear.