Donald Trump, whose tweets straddle the line between reality and a weird mirror dimension a little too easily, dropped a tweet that will no doubt be prominently displayed in the Trump Presidential Library one day:

Rare is the man who can combine classic amphetamine delusions with a schoolyard own in exactly 140 characters, but that's why he's president-elect and you're not.

Rather than get into an argument about whether Trump was referencing Wayne's World or Borat, it's better to look at the alleged roadblocks that Obama is laying down for the incoming Trump administration. There was an interview with David Axelrod in which Obama did his own version of "Bernie would have won" and instead suggested "Barack would have won."

Obama has also lightly feuded with the Trump camp over Russian interference in the election, issued an executive order preventing off-shore oil drilling in Alaska and the Atlantic Seaboard and had the US abstain from voting on a UN Security Council resolution that condemned Israeli settlements.

And, owing to the theory that Trump impetuously tweets about things he sees in the media, there's the possibility that someone read this New York Magazine piece to him which recommended Obama do a series of judicial recess appointments to get one last piece of revenge on a GOP built on obstruction.

Will Obama actually do this? Goodness no. For all of the right wing hollering that Obama was a secret socialist dictator remaking America, the man is obsessed with propriety and the Democrats are a bunch of cowards. These are also barely even speed bumps compared to the way the Republican Party basically ground Congress to a halt under Obama. Whatever roadblocks Donald Trump thinks he's facing at the moment will have melted away by January 21st, especially with Chuck Schumer ready to work him. And as for Israel, hey look, there's no hard feelings from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

Anyway, with the fight over the transition out of his system, I'm sure this is the last we're going to hear about the many unfair persecutions of Donald Trump according to Donald Trump - NOT!