For a little while before the first presidential debate, it seemed like Donald Trump was doing his big pivot to serious conservative man of ideas. Sure the biggest idea was "deport 6 million people instead of 11 million," but no one in the dishonest media could say Trump was going off-script any more. Then Trump lost a debate to a woman and it broke his brain, resulting in a meltdown that led to a very early morning tweet asking his supporters to check out a sex tape that doesn't even exist. There are 38 days until the election.

Since the conclusion of Monday night's debate, Donald Trump and his supporters have racked up a ton of press for blasting Hillary Clinton on tradedefending the time Trump called former Miss Universe Alicia Machado "Miss Piggy."

Having apparently failed at spending enough time on the message of "You don't understand, the beauty queen gained weight," Trump executed a daring Entrapment-esque break-in to the safe where his campaign aides keep his phone and tweeted (at 5:30 a.m.) that Machado starred in a sex tape that we should check out.

The sex tape doesn't exist, as it turns out, but tweeting about urban legend pornos is maybe a good idea for the Trump campaign today. For starters, USA Today's editorial board wrote the first non-endorsement in the history of the paper, begging their audience of weary travelers picking over free Holiday Inn breakfasts to vote for anyone but Donald Trump.

And if getting bodied by America's most infographic-heavy newspaper wasn't bad enough for Donald Trump, the Washington Post is now reporting that the Donald J. Trump Foundation isn't even properly registered as a charity in the state of New York. WaPo found that the charity, which is based here and is also under investigation here, doesn't have the proper certification to solicit more than $25,000 per year in donations.

“He’s a billionaire who acts like a thousandaire,” one charity law expert told the paper, suggesting the mistakes that alleged business genius Donald Trump made were the kind someone running a small family foundation would make. Of course, declining to register also meant that the Foundation hasn't had to subject itself to annual audits by the state of New York, so who's to say this wasn't by design.

Hillary Clinton waited until a normal hour to respond, but eventually hit Trump with one of his own patented moves: a Tweetstorm that questioned the mental health of its targets:

All in all, it added up to maybe the worst 24 hours of Trump's campaign. Other than that time he fought with a Gold Star family. Or that time he fought with a judge he claimed was Mexican. Or the time he fought with Megyn Kelly. Tune in next week when Trump says "Hitler had some good ideas" and still somehow polls above 40% nationally.