A candidate for a township committee in South Jersey learned a valuable lesson about not being a total P.O.S. this week after he told a female journalist he hoped she'd get raped—she publicized his harassment, and now he's dropped out. Oh well!

According to Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi, Michael Krawitz, a Republican running for the township committee spot in West Deptford in Gloucester County, began posting harassing messages on her Facebook wall on Monday. Nuzzi had posted a story about Donald Trump's relationship with second wife Marla Maples, which was written by a colleague. Krawitz, an apparent superfan of both Trump and excessive punctuation, decided to leave some comments:

Nuzzi says Krawitz's camp and the West Deptford GOP initially claimed Krawitz's account had been hacked. But Nuzzi pointed out that Krawitz has been leaving harassing posts on her Facebook since December 2014, so if he had indeed been hacked in this instance, it must have been by someone with his same dedication to periods and emoticons:

There's been an uproar, and yesterday Krawitz sent a handwritten blue note to the West Deptford Township Republican Party officially withdrawing from the township committee race. His grammar seems to have improved here:

Nuzzi's no stranger to this sort of harassment—indeed, when she wrote a piece for the Daily News back in 2013 about being a former intern with the Anthony Weiner campaign, Weiner spokesperson Barbara Morgan called her a "fucking slutbag," and a "fucking twat."