As you sip your nog with your in-laws who you barely tolerate and wish that more than anything you were back home in garbage-strewn New York with your friends who barely tolerate you, just remember it could always be worse: You might have been one of the many travelers stranded waiting for a Newark Airport AirTrain that never came yesterday.

Energy company PSEG said that the power outage was caused by a "tripped power line" according to CBS2, and power that had gone out in the early afternoon was restored to the AirRail shortly before 7:30 p.m. In the mean time though passengers, including former VJ and current Fox News personality Kennedy, who were stranded before buses took them to the airport made sure to tweet their displeasure:

Chris Scott, one of the travelers trying to get to the airport, emailed Gothamist and told us that "People are resorting to walking from the air train station." He said that he wound up having to take NJ Transit back to Newark-Penn Station and then took a taxi from there.