According to the Brooklyn Paper, a Park Slope youth dance troupe (sounds like Sparkle Motion to us!) had their airfare money stolen by a crooked travel agent. The two dozen or so teens had been selected to perform at an international competition and following the incident feared they may have to skip it.

The head of Dancewave Studio, Diane Jacobowitz, says not only was her $8,585 towards airfare stolen by the agent, but the studio's credit card was also charged for a lesser amount. Jacobowitz told the paper, "We are sick to death about this. These kids raised the money themselves, with a benefit concert and by even pooling their baby-sitting money. To be scammed like this is just horrifying."

Dancewave is working with their bank to recover the money, and says their journey to Scotland should still go on, with no one losing the money they put into the trip. But seriously, who uses travel agents anymore?