The Jets face off against the Buffalo Bills at 1 p.m. Here's how they can have the winningest record at MetLife Stadium:

1. Score touchdowns. The media always make too big a deal out of preseason games, and the Jets’ woeful performance en route to an 0-4 exhibition record means nothing now that the real games are about to begin. Thanks to injuries, the Jets did not have a full first-team offense on the field at any point during the preseason. Their only touchdown in the four games came with Greg McElroy leading the charge. When Mark Sanchez was playing, the Jets ran only basic offensive plays as to not tip their hand. Most teams do this, even those not holding their Tim Tebow-dependent wildcat plays close to their vests. Will the Jets’ offense be an explosive one this season? Probably not. But it may be capable.

2. Contain Stevie Johnson. The Bills wide receiver picked up 75 yards against Darrelle Revis last season and scored the only touchdown the cornerback allowed all season. The Bills have said Johnson has the rare ability to outfox Revis. The Jets don’t think so, and they’re probably right. Johnson is a talented wide receiver, but chances are slim that he as a skillset to solve the Revis riddle that has stumped even better players. If Revis covers Johnson and allows 50 or more yards, consider it an upset.

3. Protect Mark Sanchez. The most disconcerting part of the Jets’ preseason was the play of their offensive line. Right tackle Wayne Hunter was banished in favor of another man with two first names, Austin Howard. He seems to have done well as a replacement, but the entire unit will face a stiff test against a Bills front four that includes former Texans first overall pick Mario Williams. The dropoff in play from the offensive line has been lost among handwringing about Sanchez’s ability, Shonn Greene’s unsatisfying pro career and Tim Tebow! But line will likely be more important how the wildcat works this season.