Three intrepid spelunkers presumably on a quest for a better plot for Ghostbusters 2 were arrested Wednesday evening after they crawled out of a sewer in East Flatbush. Indeed, it is apparently illegal to enter city sewers, though you'd think spending even a minute inside them would be punishment enough.

Police say a Department of Environmental Protection employee-in-training Marquis Evans, 21, and two of his friends entered the sewer through a manhole near East 35th Street at around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Area residents spotted them and alerted cops, who initially tried to follow them inside but found that "the fumes were overwhelming," according to the Times. Instead, they waited for the crew to resurface, which they did eventually, while covered in sludge—they were summarily arrested.

"Entering a sewer without proper authorization and training is illegal, incredibly irresponsible and dangerous," the DEP said in a statement. "Illegally accessing any confined space with potentially hazardous materials or conditions risks the safety of the trespassers as well as the first responders."

Though one need only visit Gowanus during a rainstorm to experience sewer life first-hand, police say these men were likely looking for valuables that may have ended up underground. Evans was charged with reckless endangerment, tampering, and trespassing, while comrades Damion Nieves, 35, and David Hannibal, 45, were given desk appearance tickets for suspected trespassing.

"God knows what they were looking for. I know damn sure I wouldn’t be crawling through the sewers of New York, but these three evidently were up to something down there," Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told reporters on Thursday.

Come on Commissioner, sewer mutants have some pretty cool stuff!