Yesterday, protesters gathered at a rally against the $3.5 billion Atlantic Yards development in Brooklyn. Organized by Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, the rally had entertainment along with words from politicians and famous anti-Atlantic Yards types, including Park Slope resident Steve Busecmi, according to the NY Times, who "read a poem...which included the line" “I’ve played a lot of crazies, but this seems insane.” Rosie Perez said, the project was "an insult to the poor" as well as “I don’t hate [Atlantic Yards developer] Bruce Ratner—I just don’t like him very much."

Were you there? Atlantic Yards Report has a good report of the protest that attracted thousands (estimates range from 2000 to 4000 in the sweltering heat) to Grand Army Plaza - check out the photos of Ratner kissing the head of ACORN. And take a look at more photographs on Flickr.

Photgraph by Shiho Fukada/AP