This weekend is the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. The festival is based on a legend of a Chinese kingdom official's honor (he commited suicide by drowning when unjustly vilified), and dragon boat racing is competitive sport. The races and festivities, including Monkey King dances and Shaolin warrior monks, occur on both Saturday and Sunday. Check here for directions.

Other things you can do this weekend: Check out Coney Island Day tomorrow or some music, try some recipes mentioned on Gothamist Food, get ready for the Mets-Cardinals series (the Cards are leading both leagues), figure out the right thing to say in an awkward situation, or think about some books you've read lately and how much they might piss Dale Peck off. Or enjoy the splendors of what looks to be a cool, crisp weekend. Happy weekend, everyone!

*whatisee went to see the dragon boat races in the Hudson last weekend and took the photo at right, among many others.