We've heard plenty about rotten taxi shenanigans, from drivers who refuse to go to Brooklyn to nefarious overcharging conspiracies. But the true scourge on wheels isn't cab drivers, but rather those lawless renegades known as pedicabs. And if they were to have a poster child, he would be Seydou Kone, the "worst pedicabby in New York City," according to the Post.

By his own admission, Kone is not a law-abiding citizen: he has accumulated nearly 90 violations this year and four open arrest warrants for failing to pay tickets. Kone says that he often runs red lights, doesn't signal at turns, disobeys traffic signs, blocks crosswalks and even rides on sidewalks. He sounds like he's almost proud of his unlawfulness, and practically brags to the Post about it; he even let them take a lovely portrait for their bitter piece on him. Unfortunately for him, the Post really really hates pedicabs, and by extension hates him and quotes such as this: "I got a court day Monday, Friday and next Friday, too...Sometimes the cops like to give out the ticket. We don't do anything. It's not only me. It's pedicab drivers." Thankfully the Spiderman rickshaw driver's good name has not been sullied!