beryl_path.jpgNow that our mini-heat wave is over, tropical storm Beryl is making her presence felt. Sort of. Places along the shore from Brooklyn to Montauk may see some showers, possibly with intense rain, starting this morning. Beryl is forecast to skirt eastern Long Island before hitting Rhode Island and Cape Cod. Rain is forecast through tonight due to Beryl and through the weekend as the storm sucks Atlantic moisture, tomorrow and Saturday will be unpleasantly humid, northward ahead of a cold front.

The cloud cover and moisture is going to keep our daytime temperatures down and the nighttime temperatures up for a couple of days. The normal high and low temperatures for today, tomorrow and Saturday are 85 and 70, respectively. Climatologically, these are the three warmest days of the year, and we'll be near those averages through Saturday. Sunday will be cooler – it won't get out of the 70s. Still, that's warm enough for Gothamist to go on a search for paletas in our neighbhorhood.

Tropical Storm Beryl wind speed map from the National Hurricane Center.