2006_11_bouldeath.JPGThe amNewYork cover story is about dangerous intersections in the city. Queens Boulevard, aka the "Boulevard of Death," has only had four fatalities in the past three years, but there have been a number of pedestrian injuries on Grand Concourse in the Bronx and at Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. Grand Concourse has had 35 pedestrian injuries during the same period, while Eastern Parkway had seven pedestrian deaths in 1999 and 2005, not including many pedestrian injuries.

Department of Transportation commission Iris Weinshall tells AMNY, "The improvements we've made to Queens Boulevard have helped to make it dramatically safer for everyone. We are working now to make similar changes throughout the city." The city has tried to reduce jaywalking by putting fencing along the road and increased pedestrian crossing time as part of its safety initatives. Another addition are signs that say "A pedestrian was killed here." But some people still tell Transportation Alternatives they are scared of crossing Queens Boulevard. (For the record, on Queens Boulevard, there were 72 deaths between 1993 and 2000; see Transportation Alternatives on Queens Boulevard.)

Besides Grand Concourse and Eastern Parkway, what are some intersections that you feel are particularly bad? (Herald Square - and many other parts of 6th Avenue - comes to mind.) And take a look at Transportation Alternatives maps of pedestrian and bicycle crashes in the five boroughs.