Not that Gothamist was expecting Mayor Bloomberg's reelection juggernaut (money=jugger) to really falter, but this week has really crapped out on his rival, Fernando Ferrer. The NY Times wonders if Ferrer can avoid death by a thousand cuts, and the Politicker ends its thoughts that Ferrer can win with a sad report of Ferrer's visit to Chelsea: "And He's passing out these blue photocopied half-pieces of paper, no real lit, and to top it off, the blue paper wasn't even cut with a cutter, it was hand-cut with scissors. Brutal." Death by a thousand paper cuts? Anyway, Ferrer claims that he doesn't feel like he's on the defensive, so we can only imagine his team is working some sort of offense.

In other mayoral news:
- The Village Voice looks at the Mayor's public safety plans
- There are lots of rats hanging out at City Hall and in the park; not precisely mayoral news, but the seat of our government is infested, people