If the old, Soviet-era lever voting machines had one virtue, it was their supposed reliability. But according to multiple reports this morning, the things are just crapping out left and right.

One frustrated voter wrote us to tell of confusion at her polling place in Crown Heights. After some initial back-and-forth with poll workers regarding her proper voting location, our tipster finally made it into the booth. But then:

The lever for two Public Advocate candidates (Reshma Saujani and Sidique Wai) were broken on the machine. Now everyone is getting in the booth with me. All the old women poll workers are convinced that I am pressing the wrong lever. The police monitors get in there, try to put some man power behind it. No one knows what to do or what is going on.

Ultimately, she had to complete an "emergency ballot," which was deposited into a cardboard ballot box. Moreover, our tipster reports she saw "several other voters" enter the booth with the broken machine.

What else? Councilman Brad Lander issued a desperate plea earlier this morning about broken voting machines at the Park Slope Armory:

And in northeast Queens, apparently all the machines were down throughout an entire district!

Meanwhile, the Board of Elections' Twitter feed is a panoply of apologies, with several tweets in a row containing statements like "They must be misinformed," "The blind/disabled cannot be turned down," and my favorite, "That's understandable and we are very sorry you didn't get to have that experience." A BOE spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Perhaps the most telling indicator of the day's issues is that even Republican candidate Joe Lhota was denied the lever's satisfying "clink":