2007_03_wesley.gifThe other day, we were listening to the radio and heard an ad with Wesley Autrey, the city's beloved subway hero! Autrey has done a series of public service announcements with the city's health department to encourage New Yorkers over 50 to get screened for colon cancer. From the DOH statement:

"I’m an average New Yorker over the age of 50 who could be at risk of colon cancer," said Autrey. "That’s why I’m joining this campaign. I’m very happy to be able help get this message out about colon cancer to maybe help save more lives – and I don’t have to jump onto the subway tracks to do it!"

Aw, gotta love him. There are not only radio ads, but subway and taxi ads, too.

Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden says colon cancer is one of the most preventable cancers, but 1,400 New Yorks still die from it every year. And free and low-cost colon screenings are available to all New Yorkers. Here's a fact sheet on colon cancer (PDF).

And upcoming for Autrey: A scheduled appearance on Oprah and to be at the NY Auto Show - Chrysler is giving him a custom built Jeep!