A young woman's disappearance since Sunday has her Queens family frantic with worry—especially after they received a text message that said, "The girl with this phone is dead." Rajwinder Kaur's sister Gurpreet says they received that message, telling NBC New York, "It's too disturbing. At first when I saw it, I thought it was probably like a joke," but she doesn't think her sister would make a joke like that.

Kaur, a 26-year-old described by the police as around 5'3" and 130 pounds with a thin build and medium complexion, was last seen in her home on 198 Street in Hollis, Queens. Her family says she left to volunteer at a shelter and they have posted flyers at the shelter. Another sister told 1010 WINS that the message said, "The owner of this phone is dead, but she was smiling."

Apparently the former social worker had been selling her possessions on eBay before her disappearance. According to NBC New York, "Police said Kaur's phone was tracked to Brooklyn Sunday night, then shut off. They were in the process of getting a search warrant to go through her emails, law enforcement sources said... Her family said she had become more spiritual after a trip to India last winter, but don't believe she would have disappeared abruptly." And police sources also tell WCBS 2 that it might be possible she joined a cult, which could make the text mean something like "the old Rajwinder is dead to you; the new Rajwinder is with us."

Still, her family insists that she wouldn't join a cult, with her cousin saying, "She’s religious; she’s not an extremist," and sister Gurpreet Kaur adding, "It doesn’t make sense. She wouldn’t want to leave us."