2005_07_nyidebate.jpgLast night, the mayoral would-be candidates, sans Congressman Anthony Weiner (because of stuff in DC) and the Mayor (because he didn't want to), debated the issues on NY1 in the first televised forum. The big topic of the night was how the Mayor's education plans are still failing the city's kids as well as how security measures like bag checks are not very effective. Ooh, we can't wait for campaign caricatures that show "Bag Check Bloomby!" Like the Parks Mayoral Forum we attended earlier this week, Fernando Ferrer, Gifford Miller, C. Virginia Fields and the lone Republican, Thomas Ognibene, tried to establish their own distinct personalities. The NY Times pointed out that Ognibene attacked Bloomberg in "more personal terms", and we suspect that Ognibene is a dream for the Democrats, as their candidates don't have to get their hands too dirty with attacks.

The NY Post reports that it's likely City Comptroller William Thompson will endorse Ferrer. It's widely expected that Thompson will run for Mayor in 2009, since the polling makes it seem that a second term Bloomberg a likelihood. For more mayoral fun, read the Village Voice's article about the fringe candidates.