The housing rights group Housing Here and Now just announced a list of the city's top ten worst landlords, as well as the corresponding website, NYC's Worst Landlords. You can read a PDF of the report which details how the apartments are rife with vermin, building problems, and more, as well as let Housing Here and Now know if your landlord is a slumlord. While many people have landlord horror stories, the ones in the PDF are really insane: "leaks, broken windows, defective plumbing, mildew, broken and defective plaster, gaping holes in ceilings and floors, insect infestation," cats roaming the halls, attacking tenants, ceilings collapsing... you name it.

Gothamist on your rights as a tenant 1, 2. The NY Post found out that two of City Council Speaker Gifford Miller's donors are on the list.

Photograph of NYC's Worst Landlords' "Shame of the Week," which is at 100 E 124th St., Manhattan