It's 2015 and people STILL haven't learned to hold their phones sideways, but that hasn't stopped them from capturing photos and videos highlighting NYC's finest subway moments. Although we didn't have to contend with any subway condoms or bedbug hysteria this year, there were still plenty of rowdy teens, unapologetic seathoggers, and delightful air drummers. Just as with previous years, we've taken a look back at some of the most unforgettable subway moments of the year that was.

Advanced Manspreading: Straphangers rose up against the scourge of manspreading in 2014, with the MTA, the OEM, and the NYPD embracing the fight for space. And in the wake of that public shaming, manspreading evolved into new insidious forms, including: Mancornering, Dadspreading, SpreadAiding, Aggressive Bagspreading, Bookspreading, and Extreme Manspreading.

Photo by Skip Suva

Chillspreading: This man ought be more careful when he goes out in public, because not everyone's immune systems can handle such extreme levels of chill.

Chris W.

The Evolution Of Space Hogging: Of course, there were plenty of other etiquette lapses, including levitating passengers, sickening L train couples, aggressive leaners, side eye shamers, and the badass below.

(Via tipster)

Subway Celebrities: Even our most attractive residents didn't always show exemplary behavior in transit, but at least Academy Award Winner Dame Helen Mirren remained a delight in purple gloves.

Teenage Angst: As long as politicians continue to refuse to sign laws to ban teens from public spaces, teens will run amok on mass transit. This year, we had teens stealing each other's pants, leaping wildly across the tracks, and riding on the wrong parts of trains.

(West Side Rag)

There was also one particular rogue group of subway-obsessed teens who got in trouble for placing pieces of metal onto the subway tracks & causing mini explosions, and hijacking stored train cars.

Vandalism School: Not everyone got away with their wanton acts of vandalism.

Swedish Cops: Some strapping Swedish policemen broke up a fight between two homeless men on an uptown 6 train while on their way to see Les Miserables.

Eye Mask Of Enlightenment: This was the best commuter trend that never quite took off.


The Fucking L Train: The F train took straphangers hostage and hurt our feelings; the E train was forsaken by God; the B train spit us out like an old wad of rancid Skoal; but the L train is the line that broke down, and broke us, again and again and again. We saw the writing on the wall in January, but we never realized the L train would wage psychological warfare on us, leave us stranded in heat waves, start taking off casual Mondays, and even pull down our pants and taunt us. By the time we started quoting Buffalo Bill, "How about that L train?" had joined the official NYC Exasperation Lexicon alongside other familiar rhetorical questions like "It's not a big group birthday dinner is it?"

B Train Air Drummer: A new unself-conscious happy headbanger appeared in Brooklyn.

Pregnant Women: We found out just how irritating it can be for pregnant women to get seats on the subway.

Subway Coping Mechanisms: Hundreds of commuters were trapped underground for about two hours in October when an E train broke down during rush hour, and they entertained each other with as much DMX as possible.

Halloween 2015: New Yorkers are very passionate about America's favorite pagan-ish tradition, and there was no shortage of witty, hilarious, weird, and head-scratching costumes to be found underground.

Snakes On A Train: We learned how to text while wearing two snakes around our neck, we discovered an unattended bag of snakes, and we chatted with two very friendly snake handlers.

Snake On A Trainby Gothamist

Worst Vaper In NYC: Some Macklemore-lookalikes insist on acting like every waking moment is fodder for a montage scene in the true life MTV documentary of their lives.


The Chillest Man In NYC: Just looking at him lowers your blood pressure.


Nazi Trains: By all accounts, The Man in the High Castle was a solid new Amazon show. Their initial advertising strategy was another matter.


The Mystery Of The G Train Portal: Like Lost, this started out as a mystery for the ages. Also like Lost, the resolution to the mystery was somewhat unsatisfying.


Puppy Commutes: At least not all subway conduct was atrocious.

Jessica Taylor

Thousand Yard Stare: There comes a point in every New Yorker's life when he or she will stare into the deep abyss of their soul and imagine the nightmare headline they might inspire. This man was all of us. This man is 2015.

Mark Leger

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