Last fall, a woman was critically injured when two 12-year-olds tossed a shopping cart from four stories above at an East Harlem shopping center. While the teens were apprehended and pleaded guilty as juveniles, one of their friends actually tried to stop them. That teen, Achilles Baskin, 14, is now telling his story. He told the Post that after the horrible incident, he told the police he knew who did it, "Some kids said, ‘You’re a snitch. I’m not a snitch. It was on camera."

Video obtained by the Post shows Baskin trying to stop Jeovanni Rosario and Raymond Hernandez from taking a shopping cart from the Target store:

Rosario, 13, and Hernandez, 12, enter the frame heading to a cart on an elevated walkway. Achilles can be seen sprinting to catch up with them to stop them.

At first, he manages to keep a grip on the cart while struggling with them over it. But the two thugs break away and grab a metal cart. Achilles rushes over to grasp the other side of that cart. As Rosario and Hernandez go back for the red plastic cart, Achilles pushes it off the walkway. He then runs.

“I left — I didn’t want to do what they wanted me to do,” Achilles said. As soon as he is gone, the fiends push the cart to the railing again and heave it over, sending it hurtling nearly 50 feet to the ground as they run off.

The cart hit Marian Hedges, 47, who was buying candy to distribute at a Halloween event for the needy.

Achilles had to move from Harlem because of the incident; his mother said, "He said he tried. I know he tried. Every day, he asked, ‘How’s that lady doing?’" And Hedges' husband told the Post, "There have been a number of victims in this tragedy — not only my wife and family, but this poor young man who did his best to try to save my wife from grievous injury."

Hedges, who suffered brain damage, has reportedly forgiven the boys, but remains concerned about their well-being. Achilles says, "I felt like I did a really good thing. I tried to help her out. I hope she lives a good life. I feel sorry for her. I wish the cart never hit her."