Queen Silvia of Sweden was reportedly injured earlier this week (BBC says Monday, the Post says Tuesday) while trying to run away from a Swedish photographer following her in New York. "It's not a question of her simply wanting to avoid being photographed. It's more akin to stalking," a royal spokesman said. To which some of us else replied, "Wait, Sweden still has a Queen?"

The 67-year-old Queen was in town visiting her daughter, Princess Madeleine, who lives here, and the two were shopping when they were approached by the paparazzo. He reportedly refused to leave the entrance of the store, or acknowledge her desire to not be photographed. When she attempted to to leave the Madison Avenue store by the side door, the photographer quickly ran around and chased the queen, causing her to fall and injure her foot and wrist.

The editor of the photographer's tabloid said they "deeply regretted the incident." Still, at least we got a reminder about the Swedish royal family. We can add that to gorgeous subways, confusing furniture stores, hot babes, and top-notch chefs to our list of stuff we know about Sweden.