Police have arrested a man they believe shot another man outside the Hells Angels East Village clubhouse earlier this month. The violence was sparked when the victim tried to move one of the motorcycle club's traffic cones so that his friend's car could make its way down the street.

The shooting occurred on Sunday, December 11th, around 1:20 a.m. on East 3rd Street. David Martinez, a 25-year-old Valley Stream resident, had exited his friend's Mercedes to move one of the traffic cones because a livery cab was blocking their way. The Hells Angels have long used the cones to block off parking spaces for its members' bikes.

Suspect Anthony Iovenitti, 52, is apparently a "prospect" hoping to become a full member. Police say he objected to the cone move, and his confrontation with Martinez turned into an "all-out brawl," ending with Martinez shot in the stomach. Martinez is still hospitalized but is stable and expected to recover, the NY Post reports.

Iovenitti was in police custody yesterday. Sources tell the Post that Iovenitti "threw the first punch and was shoved the ground by Martinez. He then whipped out a gun and shot the younger man in the stomach."

The Hells Angels have refused to cooperate with police, so the NYPD "raided" their headquarters last week, removing their planters, benches and a ramp, claiming they were obstructing the sidewalk. Police also removed the bikers' precious traffic cones.

"It was done just to fuck with them," one police source told the Post. "They’re not cooperating with the investigation. If they’re gonna give us a hard time, we’re gonna give them a hard time."