The annual “State of the Subways" subway report card from the Straphangers is out for 2003. Subways are rated on six things: Mechanical breakdowns; Cleanliness; Chance of getting a seat; Amount of scheduled service; Regularity of service; In-car announcements.

The top-rated subway? The L (report card - PDF; route). The worst? The 5 (report card - PDF; route). Gothamist thinks the L is easier to maintain, since the route isn't as long as others and there aren't other trains running on its tracks, like, say, the 5, but what do we know. The report also finds that while subways are more reliable, they are dirtier. Well, even so, New Yorkers will take takes subway availability over dirt any day, especially during rush hour when they push 100 people into a 2 foot by 2 foot space.

A topline of the report from the Straphangers. More from the Daily News, Times, NY1