Gothamist admires the NY Post for trying to get down to the bottom of drug dealings at storied public school, Stuyvesant High. Because there's nothing we like better than melodramatic lines like, "After school, dozens of [students] gather every day — and they're not comparing class notes..." and quotes from students like "I need a dime bag. Oh, never mind, make that a half-ounce. I've got a big weekend." The Post's point is that Stuyvesant, with its honors-track smartypants populace, isn't viewed by the NYPD as a school that needs extra monitoring (the school doesn't have metal detectors), and perhaps the administration is turning a blind eye on the drug trade (the Post saw one teacher smoking with students...we bet that teacher is the "cool" teacher). However, we must concur with one student who says you can get drugs at any schools, and you might need it more at Stuy. They have an annual recital, SING, where students create stories about Peter Stuyvesant - they might need to be stoned to come up with that stuff. Plus, drugs kill the pain of being a nerd.

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