2008_11_paulvolcker.jpgBefore the market closed for a one-day Thanksgiving break, the Dow was up 247 points, a 2.91% gain. Over four sessions, the Dow rose almost 1,200 points, which CNBC says is "its biggest four-day point gain ever and best four-day percentage gain since 1932." The Nasdaq and S&P 500 went up 4.6% and 3.53% respectively. Today was also the third day that President-elect Barack Obama held a press conference to discuss his economic team. He named former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker to head an economic advisory committee, noting his experience with inflation during the 1980, "Paul has served under both Republicans and Democrats and is held in the highest esteem for his sound and independent judgment." The NY Times explains that Volcker will head the new Economic Recovery Advisory Board, which will "advise Mr. Obama on how to jump-start the economy and stabilize the financial markets."