In what will surely be fodder for his show tonight, a PPP poll released today shows Stephen Colbert beating all of the Republican candidates in favorability, with 36% to Mitt Romney's 35%. But in a race for president, Colbert earns 13% of the vote to Obama's 41% and Romney's 38%. And because Colbert supporters tend to lean towards Obama, a third-party Colbert candidacy would mean he'd hurt the president's chances. Will Romney start funneling money to Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow?

Because Colbert can't be a write-in candidate, he's asking his supporters to vote for a candidate who is still on the ballot: Herman Cain. “Because Herman Cain and I are so similar, I think that if this Saturday Herman Cain were to get a significant number of votes that would be a sign that voters are hungry, hungry for a Stephen Colbert campaign," he said last night. He urged his supporters to vote in South Carolina's open primary: "Young people of the internet: stand up and shout!"

And that Super PAC that he's definitely not coordinating with already has produced an ad.

Will Herman Cain Stephen Colbert pull through on Saturday? Probably not, but Colbert's brilliant, scathing, real-time exposure of the absurdity of campaign finance post-Citizens United is more entertaining and informative than the campaign itself.