Last year Mayor Bloomberg announced that, to save money, all city parades after April 1, 2010, would have to shorten their routes by 25%. Because of the April Fool's cutoff the Manhattan St. Patrick's Day Parade was able to slip through one last time with a route up Fifth Avenue from 44th Street to 86th Street. But no more! This year the parade, which is celebrating a quarter-millenium anniversary, is getting cut off at 79th Street.

Though some are a little miffed that the new parade cutoff is a block shy of the American Irish Historical society there is one upside: the parade now ends just around the corner from Mayor Michael "inebriated Irish hanging out the windows" Bloomberg's townhouse.

In other St. Patrick's Month news, gay groups are still unwelcome at the big parade and the fallout from that rainbow lapel in the Staten Island parade continues with some (including gay SI Assemblyman Matthew Titone) questioning whether public funds should be withheld for the parade.

Also? Parade marshal Dennis McKeon, who could be seen on YouTube yelling at a black man with an American flag for wearing a small rainbow lapel, claims he was "sexually harassed" by members of the Young Dems in the parade. "They were blowing kisses at me," he said.