Look at the face of this billionaire Saudi prince entering a Chelsea club dressed like an extra in The Sopranos; note the large soda pointing an accusatory straw at his miserable mien, feel the hard creases of his jeans—jeans designed to be baggy and comfortable—cut into his knees like so many disappointments, and ask yourself: does money buy happiness?

Some billionaires have these moments in the cereal aisle, 43-year-old Abdul Aziz bin Fahd had his outside Avenue on Monday night. The New York Post, which probably has photos of Rupert Murdoch’s 3 a.m. chimichanga run lying around somewhere, put it on the front page.

The prince has had his motorcade hijacked by gunmen in France, and a member of his entourage was convicted of raping a Manhattan bartender in 2010. He is said to own billions of dollars in US real estate. He also owns those sandals.

From the accompanying story:

The royal is best known for his playboy image and extravagant lifestyle in which he bounces around the globe with his large posse.

He rolled up to the exclusive two-story club on 10th Avenue near West 17th Street with about 15 Mercedes-Benz sedans — most of which were only occupied by a driver, sources said.

Monday night. Industry night. Does anyone want to dance with a prince?