winter is here?

So that chill that ushered in the beginning of winter this week was quite a jolt huh? Don't pack away the lightweight coats and start dusting off the sleds just yet. Thanks to a warm front that will make it's way across the area, things are going to thaw out and feel a bit more like spring is coming. With temps climbing perhaps into the 50s by Thursday, the front will bring wind and even... a chance of thunderstorms. So it's looking ugly for the last minute Christmas shoppers. It's your punishment for waiting so long.

So while the probability of a white Christmas seems to be about nil, take comfort in the fact that things will cool off again quickly and by the time Christmas rolls around, we should be back hovering around freezing.

Just because we will have no snow on the ground for Christmas, doesn't mean there isn't any around. NOAA has a great interactive snow map. You can see snow cover in our area (or anywhere in the country if you're headed out west). Look at current snow cover, and well... uh, pretty much any type of snow-related information you might need. Charles De Mar would be proud.