2005_12_transtrikemini.jpgAs if getting to work during the transit strike wasn't bad enough, retailers in New York City are saying that traffic to their stores has fallen due to the strike. Retailers like Macy's, Bloomingdales, and The Gap say the customers are staying away. That can't be good with only three days left in the Christmas shopping period and the oodles of people who delayed their holiday shopping (cough, cough). While estimates for financial losses due to the strike are as high as $660 million per weekday and as low as $100 million total for the weekend, if the strike lasts that long, there's no doubt that there is money being lost. Some market analysts for the retail sector don't like the strike at all. Stacy Pak of Prudential told Bloomberg.com, "The holiday selling season has not been particularly good so far and a New York City transit strike was basically the last thing the retail sector needed." What better way to help make those losses smaller than to shop! Sure Federated or Gap Inc aren't local businesses, but any tax $$ can help soften the blow. Even the nut vendors on the street aren't making that much money off pedestrian traffic!

Some stores are extending their hours until midnight for anyone that wants to shop and try to get a cab home when they're done. Just this morning, Gothamist was blasted with a "Macy's One Day Sale" commercial. A stop at Macy's would be a perfect way to kill time during the evening rush at Penn Station, no?

Will you be spending any money at stores or are you too busy fuming at the MTA, TWU and trying to get home? Maybe you're just too broke after paying a taxi to get home.