School's out; Photo: Green Trabant

NYC public school's are out, which means you'll be seeing more high school kids loitering, more kids in movie theaters during the day, and less of a rush of kids on the subway from 2-4PM. But that doesn't mean there's no school news. Here are some stories we've found interesting, because, what happens in the schools affects all of us, especially 5-10 years from now when the children grow up and live in the city:
- Brooklyn valedictorian Tiffany Schley at the High School of Legal Studies was first denied her diploma after she gave a valedictory speech decrying the condition of the school (overcrowding, lack of supplies, four principals in four years), with the school upset at her "disrespectful" stance. After the Daily News featured her story prominently, Schley is now getting her diploma, with the Deputy Schools Chancellor Carmena Farina saying, "Obviously we are very proud of Tiffany." Schley is going to Smith College this fall on a full scholarship; Gothamist wishes her the best, but doesn't think she'll need it, as she's clearly a smart, tough cookie who will stand up for herself.
- The City Council passed some anti-bully legislation. This is all well and good, but Gothamist is curious to see if it will really be executable. Of course, physical harrassment is much more trackable, but sometimes the emotional torment gave leave as devestating scars, especially after hearing that two big upperclassman jocks want to "kill you" after you rat out their friend who cheated on your bio exam.
- And the Department of Education has sacked 45 principals for poor performance. More than half of the principals will get other jobs in the school system, but many were actually fired/asked to leave earlier in the 2003-2004 school year. It looks like Schools Chancellor and Mayor Bloomberg are trying to make good on overhauling the school system, but at the wrath of the teachers' union.

And the photo above is from Green Trabant, teacher at a NYC school (thanks, G).